Unlimited Hosting Too Good To Believe?

It can be.When I started buying host server space (waaay back in 1996), there were not only rigid limits of space and data transfer, but we paid much higher costs than hosts are demanding today.With the abundance of plans now available and prices dropping, some hosts are advertising “unlimited” packages, claiming there is no end to your disk space, data transfer, or e-mail accounts.This sounds great, but when checking into some of these “unlimited” packages, we’re finding some serious limitations. Some users that try to use their storage space to save mass data are finding their accounts suspended.For example, Yahoo announced they were replacing their shared hosting package with an “unlimited” one. However, Yahoo’s FAQ (frequently-asked-questions) has a clause, “we will place some constraints on how fast you can grow”. They also have a policy that mentions “appropriate usage”. If your site doesn’t fit the profile for their definition of an online business you may end up spending more than you originally planned. After all, once you have a relationship with one host, it’s much simpler to stay put than to have to move your entire site to a new vendor.Paul Hirsch wrote a great commentary in Web Host Industry Review about Hosting Business Ethics. He came across a company offering free hosting for any site created using their site builder software. It actually had a clause in its TOS (Terms of Service) stating that any materials uploaded to its server became the property of the host.  Gasp.I often tell clients, you get what you pay for . . so be sure to read the fine print before jumping into a relationship with a web site host . . and beware those that promise what sounds to be impossible to deliver. It probably is.

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