Red ensign fans get media attention

One of our clients is This is a web site for those who feel strongly that the historical Canadian red ensign flag should still be flown today.

February 15 is National Flag of Canada Day. It commemorates the inauguration of the red and white maple leaf flag that was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It replaced the Red Ensign, which had been used in an informal basis as early as 1868.

The Global News took notice of the red ensign supporters’ efforts. From a recent article:

“This flag has been and is a wonderful example of history,” said Bill Danby with Fly the Red Ensign.

While he says he doesn’t want to bring back the flag nor does he think it should replace the flag we have now, he does say the flag should be on display regularly.

“We think it should be on display regularly at the Canadian War Museum. It should be displayed on Flag Day,” said Danby. “For areas that are old, cemeteries in France and cenotaphs, the old flags should be flown. The flags that those guys died under should be flown where they are buried . . .”

Read more at Global News

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