Need to sell your book?

Want to promote your book on Google for free?  If you have a .pdf version of your book, Google will let you add it to their store list.For example, if you search using the term “book” you’ll find:”Book Results for …” which goes to lists of books for sale.They do require that you apply for inclusion, AND the entire book pages must be submitted in .pdf form, because they want to provide a sample view for shoppers.   All the content is searchable, but shoppers can only access a limited number of pages.The results display the title and author, a short excerpt containing the highlighted search terms, and the excerpt’s page number.The purchase can happen through your web site–you do NOT have to use Google checkout.  They even let you track your results.  I say take advantage of this deal while it’s free.  As always, if you get in over your head, ask your webmaster for help.

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