Is your site ready for the mobile web?

When it’s time to develop or update your site, keep in mind the growth of the mobile web. Mobile traffic is expected to explode during the next few years. Preparing your web pages to be device independent now will send a message to your visitors that your business is progressive and able to answer their changing needs.Mobile web accessible devices include smart phones, pocket PCs, PDAs, and Blackberries.There are a number of ways to adapt an existing site for proper display on a mobile device. For example, large images or animations can be replaced with smaller files or alternative text. Navigation can be made more intuitive, as well as including information that’s important on a mobile device–such as addresses, maps, hours of operation and phone numbers. Your address can link to a mapping resource that will send driving directions to a mobile phone.As technology and bandwidth improves, the acceptance of the mobile web is becoming more widespread. Now is the time to prepare . . .

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