Hosting on GoDaddy? Another Security Breach

From, this video shows that on a newly purchased domain the GoDaddy user is sent to another user’s admin panel AND to their private information.

According to the film’s author:

I could delete or modify their databases, uninstall their WordPress, Joopla, or whatever, make purchases and even sell, among many more functions which I left out of this uncut and unmodified video in an effort to preserve truly sensitive information and not cause any further damage.

No hack was involved.

I simply logged into my account and discovered that it was this way. What’s more, I can’t do anything with my own service at this time, because all links within my own account and its cPanel lead to OTHER PEOPLES SECURE ACCOUNTS!!

In light of this situation, I’m shopping for a reliable and SECURE host.


GoDaddy responds:

It “should be resolved”? That’s comforting. When web sites, credit card and personal info are hijacked, will GoDaddy release another tweet?

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