Google Page Ranking

Ever heard of Google sculpting?  Search engines have been getting slammed with internet comment spam.  What happens is people post their web site links onto blogs and forums, thereby increasing in-bound links to their site.  This benefits them because one of the factors that determine page rank by Google is the number of links into a site.The problem is it skews search engine results.  Ever go searching for something, then click when you THINK you’ve found it–only to find yourself still searching for that same something six clicks later?To fight this, Google developed the “nofollow” tag.  It’s done by adding rel=”nofollow” to a web site’s links to unimportant pages.  This tells search engines that, although you’re linking to something, you don’t want to pass any particular value to that page.  In other words, you want to exclude it from affecting your ranking.Some web site owners use this method to exclude their privacy pages or redundant product links.  Whether it actually helps is debateable.  Some are convinced it’s made a difference and has increased their placement in the listings.  Others say while it’s low in importance, at least it isn’t considered bad practice, so where’s the harm?JDoe has paid little attention to this tag.  If we’re building a page we may include it, but I don’t advise updating a whole group of pages just to implement the method.  Hey, the concept is three years old already, which is how old in web years?  For all we know, the search engines may stop recognizing it tomorrow.

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