Build your online reputation. Standards in e-commerce.

Yep, there are ethics in everything. Designed to guide ethical “business to customer” conduct in electronic commerce, check out the Better Business Bureau’s Code of Online Business Practices.These guidelines represent sound online advertising and selling practices. If you’re interested in building a solid reputation, your web site could promote and follow these goals.Another “best practice” on the web is to ensure your site has easy-to-find contact info, i.e., a street address. Yes, simply a street address, also known as a “snail mail” address and a phone number lends credibility to your online business. You’d be surprised how often visitors will leave a web site because they cannot find this basic information. They assume (as I do) that there may be no customer support after the sale.At, we recommend that a phone number (preferably toll-free if you’re doing business beyond the local area) AND a mailing address be displayed prominently on all pages of your web site.

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