Alternative to PayPal

For accepting payments online, PayPal has been the quick and easy solution. However, we’ve experienced problems with customer service while setting up a recent account. Response was slow, and the use of the English language, poor.Google Checkout is an alternative that works similar to PayPal, except the buyer needs a credit (or debit) card to make payment and must be in the US. The buyer cannot pay directly from their checking account, as is possible using PayPal.Another difference is that PayPal stores funds in an account. You may leave them there, or withdraw at will. Google, on the other hand, sends funds directly to your verified bank account.Although the Google “buy” button and checkout page design isn’t as sleek-looking as PayPal’s can be, this will likely improve since Google is a monster on the web and rapidly expanding these and other services.We easily and quickly set up an account for this client and they’re now glad to be accepting payments on their web site. Another plus, for a limited time there are NO transaction fees. Not bad!Another popular, but more sophisticated, alternative is:2Checkout, which is supposed to set up almost immediately, but I’ve not tested this one.$50.00 set-up plus 5.5% commission on each transaction plus $0.45. New accounts areverified by 2Checkout contacting buyer directly to confirm the service or product. Account payments are only released weekly.You always have options . . .

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